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At Primal Ink, our resident and guest tattoo artists are some of the best in Melbourne. Our team is experienced and highly skilled in their own specialized styles, so there is always someone perfect to design and ink your piece! We offer free consultations with our artists if you’d like to discuss your design and ideas further to create a truly unique and special piece for you. Our artists can provide a full custom design for no extra charge. Whether you’re looking for dot work, a realistic portrait piece or you’re after an experienced fine line tattoo artist, we’ve got you covered.


Dylan is a hard working and talented tattoo artist from Sydney NSW who has been applying his trade now for over 9 years and enjoys all forms of art, but tattooing is definitely his number one passion with experience in a number of styles.


Dylan’s expertise range from anime/new school, realistic horror, and fineline tattoos the most and really has a passion for black and grey work with highlight colours.

Dylan is more than happy to work with his clients on the initial design to help them get every little detail from vision to reality every single time.

If you are seeking a more personal and relaxed approach on your visit to Primal the Dylan may just be the artist for you!  


Introducing Holly, our new apprentice at Primal Ink. She’s studying fine art and shows incredible creative talent. Holly is friendly, easy to talk to, and has a client-centred approach to ensure that our customers are satisfied. She also shows great understanding for clients ideas and can elevate their designs, exceeding expectations.

Holly learns fast and has a natural talent for tattooing, showing a lot of potential in this industry. Holly specializes in various designs such as decorative, fine line, manga, fonts, and traditional styles. 

For those seeking an artist to bring their vision to life, Holly’s your perfect choice.