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Laser Removal

Here at Primal Ink, we use Medical Grade Lasers to target and eliminate your unwanted tattoo using flashes of intense light.

These light pulses directed towards the tattoo ink cause it to disintegrate and break apart. The body’s immune system then takes care of the the ink particles and expells it through the human waste.

This can often be a lengthy process that takes several sessions to prevent any kind of severe burns in and around the skin, and it may take up to 6 weeks between each session.

This approach is, however, necessary to achieve the best results and is significantly safer and less intrusive.

We provide numbing cream prior to any laser procedure to help minimize discomfort as much as possible.

Our laser services starting from as cheap as $99 will beat any competitive price matching any opposing quote.
Call now for a free consultation and our team at Primal Ink would be more than happy to assist you!